Hello, I'm Cheyenne Finch and I will be your blog host here at Finch Family Farm. Finch Family Farm started in November of 2017. While this blog will mainly focus on my journey into farming, to get the best view you  will need a little glimpse at our family.

Here's a little back story for you; farming is not something I grew up with or even around for that matter. I grew up in a small neighboring town to where we are now and didn't give too much thought to farming. My family had dogs and a cat every now and then but that was it. My husband, Dakota, grew up around his grandparents dairy farm and began working there at a young age. He knew his way around cows and enjoyed his time at what is lovingly referred to in our family as "The Farm". He worked there through high school and then went off to college. Once he graduated from college, it became apparent that he wasn't going to find a job in the field he studied. He decided to join the Air Force.

Dakota and I got married in October of 2010 while he was home on leave.During his time in the Air Force he figured out what he wanted to do; what he loved to do; after 6 years in South Carolina it was time to head back home. We were going to own a dairy farm. He quickly enrolled in a local college and studied agriculture. To complete his degree he needed to complete an internship. That internship led to a chance to get into the dairy business during an extremely tough time. Thanks to a chance, some luck, and a whole lot of hard work Finch Family Farm was born.

Notice how no where above did I mention anything about myself getting into agriculture in any way. I did support Dakota and I knew that farming was something that I wanted to be a part of but I struggle with getting outside my comfort zone. The first time I was close enough to touch a cow was when Dakota and I were dating and we went to visit his grandparents. The cows made me nervous they were so big and I had no idea where to stand to be out of the way. While I may have been close enough to touch them I stayed clear.

Today, I am learning and growing, I am gaining confidence and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Being a confident partner in our farm is what I am striving for and this blog in going to serve a journal of my journey. So stay tuned, I promise it will be an entertaining ride.

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