The Bull Moved On

Racing heart rate, sweat running down my face, fast breathing; that’s how my morning in the barn started. See we have had bull on the farm for a little bit and this morning it was time for him to return home. Unfortunately for me I get scared and overly worked up, that means uneasy situations quickly escalate.

So this morning after Dakota milked it was time to load the bull. Dakota backed the trailer up to the doorway off the end of the barn and we began the process. We started with Dakota leading him down the barn with his pellets and I was suppose to walk behind to keep him moving. This plan did NOT work. The bull (who we nicknamed George) got a little tired of following Dakota to I gave him a little nudge and he turned around. I jumped out of the way and let him walk by me; making Dakota not so happy. Let me just add that George has never showed any aggression or give any indication that my insane fear was legitimate. Anyway, a few more attempts and we managed to get him out of the barn. Of course this took Dakota carrying a 15 foot cattle gate down the barn behind George to keep him moving. At this point George was in equipment “shed” that is part of the barn and Dakota had propped the gate he was carrying against a piece of equipment and the wall on the opposite side. Dakota had the trailer back up tight to one side and steel plate was blocking the gap between the door frame and the trailer on the other side. At this point we were giving him a minute to go in on his own.

After a few it becomes clear that he wasn’t going to go in all casual like so we had to switch up the game plan. Next up ...I grabbed the bucket of alfalfa pellets and went through the barn so that I could get to a side door on the trailer. This left Dakota alone, the only thing between him and this bull was the gate he was holding. Now remember my fear; Dakota is a grown man who knows what he is doing; as I am walking away I muttered, “Be careful” through my cracking voice breaking with fear. I went out and opened the side door of the trailer reached my arm inside and shook the pail of pellets, I got his attention but that was about all. This whole time my heart is about the come out of my chest. George was not budging so I stepped up inside the trailed holding George’s bucket of scrumptious treats. It was like I waved a magic wand, he walked right in and I jumped right out. Dakota jumped over the red gate and shut the rear gate of the trailer. George was successfully loaded and ready for his trip home.

Let me remind you that George was a perfectly well behaved bull. He never gave me any reason to think that he was aggressive. I do know that when being around a bull to keep my guard up but the point I was this morning was beyond cautious. It was just another irrational out of control fear causing me to panic unnecessarily. 

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  • Cheyenne,
    I share your same fear of bull’s, even had nightmares about them! You were so brave to overcome your fear!! You both are doing such an amazing job!!!

  • You were right to be cautious.. you can never trust a bull! I’m happy all went good! I really enjoy your stories! Love you all!! Keep up the good work!!

  • I totally know how you felt, I feel the same exact way when I’m around a bull.


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