Tornado Night

Hello hello!

Oh mother nature!

Weather...The weather and farming. It is like brother and sister; when they get along and agree it is a wonderful blissful moment and when they don’t well it can be like a tornado. I do mean that figuratively but the weather we experienced last night was harsh.

Many people were woke up in the middle of the night by an alert stating that the tornado watch had been upgraded to a warning. We didn’t get that alert however, the storm did wake Dakota; which led to a 2am bonding session with my husband.

So this is how it played out; we jump out of bed and rush to get outside appropriate clothing on,  and out the door we went. The pouring rain, whipping winds, rolling thunder, and striking lightning did not let up on our account. I got to the barn and moved the gate to begin bringing in the cows. Now, you would think they would have been rushing in, but not so much. All it took was one stubborn heifer to throw a wrench in mix. A few cows had come in and Dakota was trying to get them in their stalls, I went outside and attempted to push the herd in. Key word “attempted”. As I walked out the end of the barn half the herd decided to take a stroll up our one laneway headed AWAY from the barn. I got the rest of them in and Dakota headed after the “walkers”. As I worked to move the cows around in the barn I could hear Dakota hollering “Come on girls!; What are you doing?!” They had run all the way up the lane. He turned them around and they were now hauling it towards the barn. I began scrambling because I had cows still in the door of the barn and no room for the ones coming down.

Why can’t they ever do what you want them to do in those situations?

We did end up getting all of them in and fed a bale of hay before heading back to house and ultimately bed for a few more hours. It is moments like this that I chuckle to myself and say “this is farming”



  • The worst thing is being woken up in the middle of the night with Mom yelling “the cows are out.” Good memories though.

    Patricia Finch
  • This is funny and I can relate to stories like this from my growing up on the farm!! The stories I could tell!! <3

    Phyllis Crandall

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